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RISING UTOPIA: Honest and Benevolent Tarot Readings in Paris, offered by Delphyne V.

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Tarot, an evolving Art!

In 2019, the Tarot has never been so popular at the well-being store, in the Personal Development alley. The delightful image of our mysterious Fortune Teller, accompanied by its crystal ball, is now relegated to the Vintage Department.

The Modern Fortune Teller is now examining the true function of the Tarot: to give back to the querent his free will.

Instead of taking it away from him, as it has been seen too much in the past.

Don't get me wrong, she still talks a lot, can have a quirky look and lifestyle, but, above all, is focused on two things: YOU and your well being.

My next article will answer your questions such as: what is the Tarot? How it works? For who?

A brief check up that will clear up some obscure areas of urban legends, and give you a clear idea of how I work. If you do not want to miss that, you can subscribe to my newsletter and even win a reading!

But as a first step, official presentations are mandatory:


My name is Delphyne V,

I am a Tarot Reader born and based in Paris.

Call me as you prefer: Cartomancer of Modern Times mixing psychology, philosophy and spirituality, Tarot Professional, Intuitive ... it works too. However, forget the terms "psychic, medium..." because I don't see your aura, do not interact with spirits, and will not predict the death of your cat.

"Transparency, Honesty and Benevolence are the solid and fundamental bases of my Tarot practice."

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How and why

I've adopted the cards?

NOPE, my mother and my grandmother weren't into cards: no genes from that side. On the other hand, one dreamed of being a famous seamstress and the other of living in a gipsy trailer. Find the bridges!

Inclined to spirituality, creativity and esotericism since childhood, I decided to open myself to the fascinating universe of Tarot in 2011. Subsequently, a professional reader in San Francisco gifted me my first deck: the Rider Waite Smith! Since then, all the elements of my life have intertwined with each other, like an ingenious puzzle in constant mutation.

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Body, Mind and Spirit form a Sacred Trilogy that must remain healthy and balanced.

I spent the majority of my life working on the links between these 3 pillars, and how to keep them in harmony.

The Tarot is for me the perfect tool that binds them all: the interpretations of key symbols give access to our inner wisdom, and help to heal our daily struggles.​


Professionally trained and experienced

in the fields relating to this Trilogy,

I unveil here what made up my life and is still part of it: